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The Letterbox Team – About Us

The Letterbox Team are part of The Effipap Group and we specialise in door to door distribution throughout the UK and Spain.

We have the capability to plan and implement the distribution of your products across the UK and Spain. We currently deliver door to door, 23 million copies of the BT Phone Book, Local Directories, Newspapers, Council Publications, Leaflets, Flyers, Take Away Menus, Supermarket Mailings, in fact if you want your product placed through a letter box, we are the people you should contact.

Through the use of our powerful mapping software combined with PAF (Postcodes Address File) we can help you plan and target your distribution to ensure you get to your audience. We have a very experienced management team with years of experience in the field of door marketing and delivery throughout The UK, Europe and USA. The management team will gain an understanding of needs for your product placement, map and plan the distribution of your products. We can then verify delivery through our dedicated call centre as well as get the distribution independently verified.

We have a data base of approximately 50,000 verified distributors across the UK that we can use to implement the distribution of your products. If you would like to join our team please contact or phone 01794 528626.

Within the group we also have the capability to print your products at Einsa Print, a modern state of art facility in North West Spain, which currently produces products for BT, Screw Fix Direct as well as Major Supermarkets throughout Europe. We have the capability to plan the production and marketing of your printed products from Prepress, Paper Purchase, Printing, Finishing to the Final Delivery. We also have a number of dedicated partners that would allow us to print your products closer to the point of delivery if this is a better fit for needs.

If you require a quote, please email us with

Letterbox – Door to door distribution
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